Feb 23, 2021

Metro movers ready to embrace the regions

Metro movers ready to embrace the regions

One-in-five city residents are looking to move to the regions, according to new research released by the Regional Australia Institute.

And more than half of those are keen to make the jump within the next 12 months.

RAI chief executive officer Liz Ritchie said metro movers were looking for more space, to be better connected to the natural environment and they wanted a more relaxed lifestyle.

“What’s really interesting about the survey we had commissioned is that the appeal of regional Australia is a stronger motivation to move than any dissatisfaction with city life,” Ms Ritchie said.

“Brisbane respondents came in as the most stressed in the country, followed by Sydney-siders and then those in Melbourne. More than 69 percent of all those surveyed said reducing general stress and anxiety is a major driver for considering a life outside our capital cities,” Ms Ritchie said.

While the COVID pandemic has significantly raised the desire to move to Regional Australia for 22 percent of survey respondents, more than half said they were already considering relocation before the pandemic.

Concern about limited job opportunities was identified by respondents as the biggest barrier to moving to regional Australia.

But Ms Ritchie said the latest job vacancy figures showed there were more than 54,000 roles available in regional Australia, with professional and skilled jobs featuring strongly across the regions.

Capricorn Enterprise, a member of the Regional Australia Alliance (RAA), is among the Queensland economic development groups working to sell their region’s attractions to potential newcomers.

Aside from offering a comfortable, non-congested and laid-back lifestyles, it says local areas such as the Capricorn Coast, Rockhampton, and townships within the Central Queensland Highlands, are also major economic powerhouses.

With more than $4.6-billion of major projects underway, they offer an abundance of varied career opportunities for both sea and tree changers.

“The research released by RAI outlines a world of opportunity that us locals are already aware of,” Capricorn Enterprise chief executive officer Mary Carroll said.

“Our ever-growing, vibrant and welcoming communities offer everything needed to provide a consistently great mix of lifestyle options without compromising on quality employment opportunities or housing choices.”

The RAI research involved more than 1000 people in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth who were considering moving to Regional Australia. The research was carried out in November and December 2020.

“Our research underpins a multi-million-dollar, multi-platform national awareness campaign that the RAI will launch next month at its National Summit in Canberra,” Ms Ritchie said.

“It will inform potential movers about the great opportunities to live, work and invest in Regional Australia.”