Feb 17, 2021

New $2m water reservoir online in Clermont

New $2m water reservoir  online in Clermont

Isaac Regional Council and Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment have completed a $2 million reservoir project at Clermont.

The new five-million-litre reservoir was built in nine months, coming in on time and under budget.

  • Check out a time-lapse video of the reservoir’s construction HERE

Isaac Mayor Anne Baker said the new reservoir was a key component in the broader plan to significantly improve Clermont’s water supply.

“In relatively dry inland areas like much of the Isaac, with limited natural water assets, meeting the water needs of our towns – and Clermont in particular – has traditionally been a challenge,” Mayor Baker said.

“However, keeping Isaac residents’ taps flowing with top-quality water remains a high priority and will see spending of $5.9 million in the current 2020-21 Council budget.

“More than 80 per cent of this regional water budget – approximately $4.9 million – will go to projects benefitting Clermont.”

Design and construction of the new reservoir cost $2 million while $1.39 million is being spent on replacement of water mains in Lime St and East St, and $1 million on de-silting the raw water offtake structure at Theresa Creek Dam.

“Along with the existing three megalitre reservoir on the same site, and refurbishment of the 1.4-megalitre Capricorn St reservoir, this new five megalitre reservoir will take total secure water in the Clermont network to almost 10 megalitres,” Ms Baker said.

“This means we will have a minimum of three days’ supply of clean, clear drinking water stored at any one time, ready to provide to residents in Clermont and the surrounding area should there be an event like discoloured water coming from Theresa Creek Dam after heavy rain.

“In that case, water can be supplied from these reservoirs while the raw water from Theresa Creek Dam is given extra treatment to clear it up.”

Cr Baker said the new reservoir would be officially opened in coming weeks but was already online, supplying water to Clermont residents.