Aug 24, 2020

Online dashboard for local planning updates

Online dashboard for local planning updates

The Queensland Government has released a new online dashboard to improve local government planning transparency.

The dashboard tracks and displays information about local government plan-making processes across the state.

The interactive tool displays the ‘real time’ status of plan-making processes, including:

  • key dates
  • scheme name 
  • plan-making process description 
  • roles and responsibilities of those involved

Treasurer and Minister for Infrastructure and Planning Cameron Dick said the dashboard would provide the latest information about local government plan-making taking place under the Queensland Planning Act.

“We want to put more planning information in the hands of Queenslanders, and to do that in the age of social distancing we have to take advantage of digital platforms,” Mr Dick said.

“This plan-making dashboard will give communities a greater understanding of what planning changes are being considered or progressed at a local level.

“It will also keep industry and small business informed about the developments bringing new infrastructure and new jobs, both so crucial to our COVID economic fightback.”

Mr Dick said remaining agile when it came to planning guidance and governance has allowed Queensland to better respond to the challenges of the pandemic.

“We’ve already introduced a variety of planning amendments to help Queenslanders during the COVID crisis, making it easier for businesses to operate, adapt and employ, and for consultation on developments to continue,” he said.

“We’ve also collected public feedback on a range of red tape reduction measures that will streamline planning processes and approvals.”

The plan-making dashboard is available via the Queensland’s Planning Framework website.